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 Asunto: Libros sobre SDR
NotaPublicado: 13 Sep 2020, 23:26 
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Interesante compilación de libros y otro material gratuito sobre SDR y temas afines (en inglés).

Disponible en:

Some links and info to (free) SDR related books, courses and references:

Book 1. Software-Defined Radio for Engineers, 2018

Software-Defined Radio for Engineers, by Travis F. Collins, Robin Getz, Di Pu, and Alexander M. Wyglinski, 2018, ISBN-13: 978-1-63081-457-1.
(Analog Devices)
https://www.analog.com/en/education/edu ... eers.html#
https://www.analog.com/media/en/trainin ... ineers.pdf


The objective of this book is to provide a hands-on learning experience using Software Defined Radio for engineering students and industry practitioners who are interested in mastering the design, implementation, and experimentation of communication systems. This book provides a fresh perspective on understanding and creating new communication systems from scratch. Communication system engineers need to understand the impact of the hardware on the performance of the communication algorithms being used and how well the overall system operates in terms of successfully recovering the intercepted signal.

This book is written for both industry practitioners who are seeking to enhance their skill set by learning about the design and implementation of communication systems using SDR technology, as well as both undergraduate and graduate students who would like to learn about and master communication systems technology in order to become the next generation of industry practitioners and academic researchers. The book contains theoretical explanations about the various elements forming a communication system, practical hands-on examples and lessons that help synthesize these concepts, and a wealth of important facts and details to take into consideration when building a real-world communication system.

The web site sdrforengineers provides supplementary materials for the text, hands on content, labs, assignments, end of chapter questions, that anyone can use or contribute to.

Book 2. Digital Communication Systems Education via Software-Defined Radio Experimentation

Alexander M. Wyglinski, Di Pu, Daniel J. Cullen. “Digital Communication Systems Education via Software-Defined Radio Experimentation.” Proceedings of the 118th ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition (Vancouver, BC, Canada), 26-29 June 2011.

http://ecewp.ece.wpi.edu/wordpress/wire ... s/sdrlabs/
http://users.wpi.edu/~isgelman/docs/old ... 5-project/

Material used in course ECE4305

Freely Available SDR Laboratory Materials
Disclaimer: These laboratory guides and associated source code are offered for informational purposes and information exchange, and WPI and/or Professor Wyglinski are not liable for any damages or losses resulting from the use of these laboratory guides and associated source code.

The following laboratory guides and source code were employed during the course, ECE4305 “Software-Defined Radio Systems and Analysis”, at WPI during the Spring 2011 semester, and have been optimized for usage with MATLAB R2010b and the USRP2 (non-UHD) software-defined radio platform:

Laboratory 0 “Getting Started with MATLAB, Simulink, USRP2 H