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Libros sobre SDR

... Thomas Hou (Virginia Tech), this book consists of twenty chapters written by internationally renowned experts and covers a wide breath of topics related to cognitive radio communications and networks. More information about this publication can be found at Elsevier’s book information ...
por SatM
13 Sep 2020, 23:26
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Tema: Libros sobre SDR
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Re: Un poco de sigint

... the fields of C4ISR, information security, intelligence, research and development, electronics, and homeland security. See more of our editorial topics. SIGNAL explores the art of the possible, expanding beyond new products and applications to include comprehensive coverage of programs and solutions. ...
por SatM
04 Abr 2011, 23:22
Foro: CacharreoDigital ("Digital-DIYer")
Tema: Un poco de sigint
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Re: RADIO-ELECTRONICS --> Referencia obligada !!

... Receiver Radio Ozon Fredbox: 2m AM tcvr Crystal Radio Simple radio receiver Transistor SW radio Valve SW radio Hellraiser transmitter Other Radio Topics Crystal Sets to Sideband Huff-Puff stabilised VFO's GPS frequency reference Experimental DDS Radio-friendly PSU Poundshop FM radio Superdrg radio ...
por SatM
01 Mar 2011, 07:51
Foro: CacharreoDigital ("Digital-DIYer")
Tema: RADIO-ELECTRONICS --> Referencia obligada !!
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Re: Publicaciones, libros y revistas del mundo de la radio

... (Articulillos) Spread Spectrum Scene -- Design Topics Spread Spectrum Scene -- Technical Notes & Tips Spread Spectrum Scene -- ...
por SatM
12 Jun 2010, 07:06
Foro: MundoRadio ("RadioWorld")
Tema: Publicaciones, libros y revistas del mundo de la radio
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Re: Enlaces a foros y sitios relacionados con la Radio

... Por aportar alguno más, la página de AC6V ( Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide ) es muy completa con "700 AMATEUR RADIO TOPICS, 6,000 LINKS, 132 PAGES, ANTENNAS, HAM Books, ..." : Las novedades (del 2008 ?): ...
por SatM
27 Nov 2009, 02:20
Foro: MundoRadio ("RadioWorld")
Tema: Enlaces a foros y sitios relacionados con la Radio
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